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Inspired by positive affirmations sent often to uplift friends and family and let them know I am thinking about them, turned into something more.  My messages whether self-created or great quotes I found from great inspirational leaders such as Winston Churchill or Mahatma Gandhi were having an impactful meaning to many of my friends and family lives organically.

These affirmations helped my network of friends and family get through some tough times (whether I knew or didn't know in some instances), helped them figure out the next goals in their lives, and or was a quick mental boost at various moments within their day. These affirmations also helped me navigate challenges of my own such as the uncertainty of transitioning jobs, furthering my education, taking on this endeavor of creating Chester PARC, or dealing with unexpected death to people close to me. The unexpected words of encouragement and appreciation received from friends and family as evident by a text below from one of my friends nearly two years ago was the aha moment that this can be something more.  



Chester PARC (Positive Affirmations Reveal Change) is a lifestyle apparel company dedicated to providing informational, inspirational, and motivational content that intends to shed light on the power of positivity through the use of positive affirmations and social connections. Each positive affirmation is uniquely crafted and intellectually owned to garner reflection, conversation, and inspiration.  These affirmations are meant to influence and motivate people to make positive and life changing decisions in their personal and professional lives for the better.

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